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Ask for a double quartet!

If you want to add some musical excitement to your party or other event, you can request a Turku University Choir double quartet, or even a performance by the whole choir. We have both an international and Finnish repertoire for different occasions. We have a wide range of songs in out repertoire: student songs, drinking songs, party songs, Christmas carols, patriotic songs, folk songs, serenades, and even lighter music.

There are eight singers in a double quartet, two from each voice. Singers with quartet experience are assembled in the line up for each performance. The group rehearses the requested programme under a quartet leader. There are also established small groups which have their own standard repertoires. Here is an example of two groups with a brief explanation of their styles:

Rakkausryhmä – Mixed quartet with a focus on songs about love

Kosteat Kosijat - Male quartet, first and foremost drinking songs and serenades but also both light and more serious entertainment

For more information, contact our Quartet Coordinator:

Tara Karim, Quartet Coordinator
tel. +358 44 0960111 
e-mail: kvartettivastaava @