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Turun yliopiston kuoro


Turku Express

pikavuaro_kansip.jpgThis Pikavuaro Turkku CD is a part of a collective journey of The Student Union Choir of the University of Turku, TYYn kuoro. Collaboration with composer, professor Mikko Heiniö and poet Heli Laaksonen has lead us not only to make choir music, but also to consider humanity’s fundamental questions. Choir music usually consists of two equal elements: words and melody. On this CD, these elements are heard both together and separate. The key to the interpretation of the piece Pikavuaro Turkku (Southern-Finnish dialect for Turku Express) is its last movement: the poem Lehm ja koiv (The Cow and the Birch) is about burnout and man's longing for peace. In fact, longing is in general one of the main themes of the piece as well as this entire CD. Connected to these themes are also the concept of home, a place of origin, as well as the Cathedral and the river Aura, the symbols of Turku mentioned in the poem Kaukka kaunis (Beautiful from a Distance). The themes of longing and home can be found in each piece of music on this CD. In Magnificat and Nunc dimittis by the Estonian composer Arvo Pärt (b.1935) as well as in Francis Poulenc's (1899-1963) Salve Regina, man is on his way to his final home, Heaven, and the longing is directed to God. Composed in 1944, Poulenc's Un soir de neige on the other hand paints us a picture of a world in war, where man's longing for inner peace and the outer reality are in deep conflict. In Voglia (it. 'longing') by the Finnish composer Mika Kuuskankare (b.1970) the longing is wordless, quite unlike in the poems recited by Heli Laaksonen. The poems take place in various places from childhood landscapes to the metro in Helsinki and are full of different kinds of longing. The main factors that get our choir moving ahead are enthusiastic collective working and the idea that a choir can be developed through repertoire. The choices of repertoire and pieces ordered from composers have significant impact on the choir's artistic profile. Both Voglia and Pikavuoro Turkku were composed specifically for TYY:n kuoro. Dear listener! I hope that you will find this CD an inspiring journey to the world of words and music. Welcome aboard the Turku Express!

Tapani Saarinen, artistic director of TYY:n kuoro

Pieces on this album

1. Lehm ja koiv (written and performed by Heli Laaksonen)

Arvo Pärt
2. Magnificat

3. Itäse ihmise (written and performed by Heli Laaksonen)

Francis Poulenc: Un soir de neige (lyrics: Paul Eluard)
4. I De grandes cuillers de neige...
5. II La bonne neige
6. III Bois meurtri
7. IV La nuit le froid la solitude

8. Ko aik ei kulu (written and performed by Heli Laaksonen)

Francis Poulenc
9. Salve Regina (lyrics: anonym)

10. Metros (written and performed by Heli Laaksonen)

Mika Kuuskankare
11. Voglia (Mika Kuuskankare)

12. Metros erellenkki (written and performed by Heli Laaksonen)

Mikko Heiniö: Pikavuaro Turkku (lyrics: Heli Laaksonen)
13. 1. Aurink kunnas
14. 2. Stari
15. 3. Kaukka kaunis
16. 4. Kiittämättömi
17. 5. Lehm ja koiv

18. Tahkonkiärtäjä (written and performed by Heli Laaksonen)

Arvo Pärt
19. Nunc dimittis