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Turun yliopiston kuoro


Finnish drinking songs

jjs_kansip.jpgThis CD presents the drinking song repertoire of our choir, much in the way it can be heard in any choir dinner. 'Dear friends, the party may begin' announces the first song and "Let’s not drink – before it’s time" tells the second. In the following sequence of songs for snaps we change the lakes of Finland into vodka but also instruct to take 'two drinks in good company, three if your blood's strong'. Many songs are about Koskenkorva, a well-known Finnish vodka.

Songs about beer (= 'olut') and wine (= 'viini') are more international. The German influence on Finland has been strong (Pacius even wrote the national anthem) and many songs as well as the drinking song tradition itself are from Scandinavia (Bellman, a 18th century Swedish troubadour, is essential). As in real dinners, some songs are performed by female and male voices, some by smaller ensembles. 'A drink quenches the thirst, but you may drink even when not thirsty' analyses the title song. The evening ends with 'A toast of good luck for this house' and 'The closing song of a party'.

The true value of this song collection is in its original arrangements of many beloved Finnish drinking songs. In a way, this CD is first of its kind. To capture the right spirit on the tracks the choir gathered in the restaurant 'Old School', ordered the drinks and sat down for song. With limited number of takes and minimal studio editing we wished to preserve the atmosphere while tolerating some minor flaws usually removed from choir CDs. The CD is published together with a collection of sheet music of all the songs.

Pieces on this album

1. Hyvät ystävät, juhla voi alkaa (W.A. Mozart, arr. Civis Cantus) 2. Ei ryypätä (trad, arr. Civis Cantus) 3. Jos kaikki Suomen järvet (trad, arr. Civis Cantus) 4. Ryypyn sain (trad, arr. Civis Cantus) 5. Raumlase ryyp (trad, arr. Civis Cantus) 6. Hauki ja viina (trad, arr. Civis Cantus) 7. Kossun ylistys (trad, arr. Civis Cantus) 8. Olutmarssi (A. Söderman, arr. Civis Cantus) 9. Viinalaulu (Sami Itkonen) 10. Juoma janon sammuttaa (R. Schäffer) 11. Nostakaamme malja (L. Spohr) 12. Juhlallinen olutviisu (trad, arr. M. Westerlund) 13. Juomalaulu (F. Pacius, arr. Civis Cantus) 14. Klinga nu med klarinetter (C.M. Bellman, arr. K.-F. Jehrlander) 15. Metsämiehen juomalaulu (E.Hermes) 16. Reinin viiniä (C.M. Bellman, arr. D. Helldén) 17. Vinecko (G. Gräsbeck) 18. I like the snaps (trad, arr. Civis Cantus)