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The Christmas album Valoa costs €20, other recordings only €15. You can order our albums by contacting our treasurer or a choir member.

Valoa levyn kansi


The Student Union Choir of the University of Turku, i.e. the TYY Choir released its fifth album on 20 November 2008. The album is called Valoa (which means "Light") and it is intended for both Finnish and international listeners. The CD lyrics are in both Finnish and English.

The album is the official Christmas album of Christmas City 2008 and it is a combination of traditional Christmas carrols arranged especially for the TYY Choir, the Christmas season's international art music both a cappella and accompanied by a string orchestra.


Pikavuaro Turkku

In 2004, after three published records, the choir turned to new classical choir music. "Pikavuaro Turkku", the fourth of the choir's records, illustrates the theme of longing with the works of Heiniö, Kuuskankare, Poulenc and Pärt, and the poems of Heli Laaksonen. The record, unique in its content, includes songs both with and without lyrics, and poetry both recited and chanted.


Juoma janon sammuttaa

"Juoma janon sammuttaa" presents the drinking song repertoire of our choir, much in the way it can be heard at our dinners. The true value of this collection of songs is in the original arrangements of beloved Finnish drinking songs. The album was released on September 2002 and is available in stores. The album is distributed by Fg-Naxos Oy.


Pelkkää ilmaa

"Pelkkää ilmaa" consists of rearranged songs of the Finnish popular musician, J. Karjalainen. The song "Pelkkää ilmaa" is a previously unreleased composition of his. The album also contains an original piece by Jaakko Mäntyjärvi, composed for TYYn kuoro "in the spirit of J. Karjalainen". "Pelkkää ilmaa" was released on September 2001 and is available in stores. The album is distributed by Fg-Naxos Oy.


Calme des Nuits

"Calme des Nuits" is the choir's debut album. It was released in 1997. The album consists of romantic choral music from France, England and Russia. This award-winning album is available directly from the choir.