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News of 2020

Valentine's day serenades!

6 February 2020

Surprise a friend with a serenade from Turku University Choir quartet singers!

The singers will be performing serenades à 5 euros in the campus area from 11 to 14 o' clock. The singers will be moving around as follows:

Educarium lobby from 11 am
Mercatori from approx 12 am
Medisiina D from approx 1:30 pm

We will do evening gigs in the Student village and Nummi -area from 5 pm. The night gigs will cost 15 euros, and you can preorder them by sending an email to kvartettivastaava@yliopistonkuoro@fi. Be sure to order by 9.2.

What? Serenades ♥
Where? Educarium, Mercatori, Medisiina D (by day) and Student Village/Nummi (by evening)
When? 14.2. from 11-14 and from 17 onwards.
How much? day time serenades 5€, evening serenade 15€

Happy Valentine's!

New choir members chosen in the spring auditions

16 January 2020

The spring auditions were held Jan 15th. Thank you for all participants!

There were 16 participants, out of which 7 were chosen. Amongst the chosen there were:

1 soprano

2 altos

1 tenor

3 bases

The chosen have been sent an e-mail. If you have questions or would like to receive feedback, you may contact the artistic board at

Turku university choir wishes you a good semester!