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Choir activities


Rehearsals are held every Thursday at 6-9pm in the Chemistry building Arcanum. In the beginning of both autumn and spring terms a few separate rehearsals for each part are held on Monday nights.

After the 3-hour rehearsals the singers go and enjoy a few pints together. It's a good opportunity to exchange the latest gossip as well as to sing a few drinking songs, which are actually an integral part of the choir's repertoire.

Each term the choir usually organises two practice weekends, during which the better part of the weekend is spent singing and the repertoire progresses with leaps and bounds. There is usually a party involved as well.


The full choir performs in concert at least twice a year: at Christmas and in the spring. The quartet concert held in January gives an opportunity for all the small groups within the choir to perform in front of a real audience. In addition, the choir usually gives a free concert on campus each year in order to bring the choir in the midst of the University.

Performances in small groups

In addition to the concerts, the Turku University Choir has dozens of performances in smaller groups each year. The groups are usually double quartets, consisting of 8 singers.

Singing in a small group is radically different from singing with the entire choir, since in a small group the individual singers have more responsibility. However, these kinds of performances can be equally more rewarding.

Trips and other events

Every now and then, the choir travels in Finland and abroad. In 2006 the trip to Northern Ireland ended up with the choir and its smaller ensembles making a clean sweep at the local choir competition. The latest trip abroad was when the choir took part in the Nordic Student Choir Festival NSSS 2008 in Stavanger, Norway.